BRAINAVATAR 4.0 for Discovery
The software Brain Avatar ™ 4.0 for Discovery systems is one of the most innovative developments in the area of neurofeedback.
19-channel neurofeedback with 3-D images of the brain are thus possible for the first time. One of the biggest advantages is that brain structures below the surface of the cortex can be trained with simple protocols.
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Inner Tube 3 for Brainmaster - Software
333,21 EUR
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Jumper Connector linked ears
Jumper-Cable for linked ears
20,17 EUR
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Atlantis 4-channel EEG-Neurofeedback System Silver Package

Neurofeedback for all currently employed methods:

SMR training, beta-Training, Theta / Beta Ratio Training, Z-value method, ILF (Infra-Low Frequency) SCP Training

4-channel-Z-score training comfort. Brainmaster Atlantis Carefree Package

Therapists list of BrainMaster users in Germany, Switzerland, Austria
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