Infos VAT in EU and WORLD

Information on VAT for customers from EU countries:

Exports to EU countries are only exempt from VAT if the customer has a valid tax ID number and confirms receipt in writing after receipt of the goods (confirmation of receipt). The tax ID can be provided with the order. The validity of the tax ID will be verified.

Please place your order in our online store and specify your tax ID in the order form. The store system will perform a simple preliminary check of the validity of the tax ID (simple confirmation). If the tax ID is provisionally valid, you will receive the invoice for your order in our store without sales tax shown.
In the case of provisionally valid tax ID, we request a qualified confirmation from the responsible office. If this qualified confirmation is available and you have sent us the confirmation of receipt after receipt of the goods, VAT exemption is given, otherwise we are obliged to claim the VAT from you.

Information on sales tax for customers from non-EU countries:

Exports to non-EU countries are generally subject to sales tax. In case of take-away, VAT exemption in Germany is possible if you present us the export confirmation from the German customs.

Software is never shipped, rather you will receive a link for the download and a license code from us, which entitles you to use the software. There is no customs duty for software as download, only for hardware. For this reason you will receive separate invoices for software and hardware.
Likewise, there are no shipping costs for online SUPPORT SERVICES.

AnchorInformation for customers from Switzerland

We can refund VAT to customers from Switzerland if they have the goods sent to a German delivery address.
Delivery address in Germany?

There are companies near the border with Switzerland that offer the service of accepting shipments for Swiss customers for a fee. To ensure that this all runs smoothly, please also enter the name of the German shipping depot as the delivery address and not just the customer's name.
How does the refund work?

  • First, an invoice with sales tax is issued to the customer outside the EU.
    • Invoice address is the address in Switzerland. The German delivery address can also be on the invoice.
  • The goods are sent to a German delivery address, this is no different from a shipment to German customers.
  • Swiss customers pick up the shipment at the German delivery address.
    • Customers from Switzerland, who would like to have the VAT refunded, must export the goods from Germany within three months after the invoice is issued. Export must be confirmed by German customs.
      • Customer collects the shipment from the delivery address
      • Customer must carry the invoice (either printed beforehand or enclosed with the shipment)
      • Customer goes with goods and invoice to German customs and has the export confirmed with a stamp.
      • Customer sends the invoice with export stamp to the dealer.
  • As soon as we receive the invoice with export stamp, you will receive a new invoice without VAT and we will refund the VAT to you.

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Service offer

From an order value of 10.000 Euro net we take care of all formalities of export and import, i.e. we deliver the goods to your destination in Switzerland.