The Vielight Neuro Alpha is one of two next-generation transcranial-intranasal near infrared(NIR) headsets, engineered for increased efficacy and easy domestic use for comprehensive brain photobiomodulation

Its dynamic design is a comprehensive upgrade of the original Vielight Neuro.

This powerful device features improved transcranial clusters and updated microchip LED boosting technology – leading to triple the previous power density and a refined form factor that fits a wider variety of head shapes and sizes.

Neuro Alpha is able to extract one of the highest amounts of power from a pulsed near-infrared LED source by technology of incorporating microchip within the Neuro’s intranasal diode.

Instructional Video : [ Link ]

Clinical Studies :

Photobiomodulation for Improving Brain Function in Dementia:
A Pilot Study Evaluating the Feasibility, Safety, and Efficacy of the Vielight Neuro RX Gamma Device for the Treatment of Moderate-to-severe Alzheimer's Disease:

Mild to Moderately Severe Dementia Cases Treated with Transcranial Plus Intranasal Photobiomodulation:

Note for therapeutic practices and clinics:

The Vielight is not a medical device, but a non-medical photostim system for professional coaching and advanced home training to improve memory and cognitive performance, which can also be used for scientific research purposes.